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Ever longed for the energy to hit the gym and sculpt your dream body? Tired of strict diets with minimal results? It might not be just about gym hours. What if we tell you that you can achieve your look without having to sweat it out in the gym everyday? This is where LCar steps in! L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring substance in our body which is responsible for energy metabolism. It transports fatty acids into the cell powerhouses (mitochondria) transformed into energy. As we age, this substance may deplete, resulting in weight gain and decreased energy. L-Car steps in as a game-changer, boosting the body’s fat metabolism, enhancing energy levels, and promoting effective muscle building. Achieve your dream body without the constant gym grind – discover the transformative power of L-Carnitine today!

Why would you opt for NAC Treatment at Aanya Skin Clinic?

Increased energy

LCar turbocharges your body’s ability to release stored fat, providing a significant energy boost. Say goodbye to energy slumps, making your diet easier to stick to, and maximizing fat-burning potential during workouts!

Build muscle strength

LCar isn’t just about burning fat; it contributes massively to lean muscle building. Elevate your strength and sculpt your physique with the support of L-Car

Harness antioxidant benefits

LCar doesn’t stop at energy creation – it’s also a powerful antioxidant. By speeding up the removal of waste from fat metabolism, it helps reduce cellular waste, promoting overall cellular health.

Reverse signs of aging

With its multifaceted benefits, LCar contributes to reversing signs of aging. Experience enhanced vitality and well-being as you incorporate this powerhouse into your routine.

Enhance performance

LCar is your solution for peak performance. You can significantly reduce muscle recovery time, minimize lactic acid build-up, optimize oxygen storage, which in turn boosts stamina. This helps achieve better functioning of your overall health.

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Treatment process at Aanya Skin Clinic

1. Consultation

At Aanya Skin Clinic, we prioritize your well-being. Our skilled doctors will assess your concerns and meticulously review your medical history to tailor the ideal approach for you to get the desired results.

2. Prepping for the treatment

It’s all about relaxation and being comfortable during the session. We’ll properly guide through the entire process of the treatment and keep you informed.

3. Administration

To ensure a comfortable and painless experience, a local anesthetic will be injected to numb the area of treatment. Then the LCar will be injected into the targeted area depending upon the desired results.

4. After care

Once the procedure is completed, we provide aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal results. Though you can resume your routine activities immediately, there are some care to be taken for the best results. Follow-up sessions are scheduled to monitor your progress to ensure a successful treatment experience.

Why choose Aanya Skin Clinic?

Customized care

Treated by expert dermatologists

Cutting edge technologies

Holistic skincare approach

Wellness focused

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I have visited Aanya Skin Clinic twice and every time its a breath of fresh air. Unlike any other clinics, this clinic displays a fresh decor which is simplistic and modern. Hence it provides a very welcoming environment. Besides that the service is timely and prompt therefore I would highly recommend this place to anyone. DR.CHANDAN is exceptionally good, and he is best in practice.


Visited For Acne / Pimples Treatment I recommend the doctor Happy with: Treatment satisfaction I have been there for skin treatment...the treatment works on me very well and happy about the staffs.. Well maintained clinic and awsm ambiance..Dr. Chandan is very friendly,polite and will explain detaily about the procedure..very safe..treatment is worth..

Kesavan Sellakkannu

To day I consulted Dr Chandan MD, for skin problem on the back of my left foot. He is an effeciant dermatologist &service oriented Dr. In my experience, many drs never use to talk with the patient. But he is not that type of Dr. He gave me a clear picture of my problem with his own smiling face &prescribed medicine for the same .I like him very much.

Trust in LCar to transform your overall health

Explore the energy boosting benefits of LCar and revitalize your fitness journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring compound crucial for energy metabolism in the human body. Synthesized from amino acids lysine and methionine, it’s primarily stored in skeletal muscles, the heart, and the liver.

L-Car acts as a carrier molecule, facilitating the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they are converted into energy.

Anyone aiming to reduce weight or facing a deficiency in the body’s L-Carnitine levels can consider this treatment.

Some individuals may experience mild to adverse side effects like nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, or muscle weakness. However, these effects are usually temporary and quickly subside.

No, L-Carn injections may cause a mild sensation, with some experiencing slight discomfort or a pinch at the injection site. Pain levels vary, but most people find it tolerable.

While L-Car aids in fat metabolism by transporting fatty acids for energy production, it doesn’t specifically dissolve fat in targeted areas when injected. It enhances energy and exercise capacity, supporting weight loss when combined with a proper diet and workout regimen.