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What is Glutathione?

In today’s world, having beautiful skin goes beyond a mere desire for a radiant complexion. We all yearn for skin that is not just glowing but also healthy, instilling self-assurance and empowering us to face the world with confidence. Our skin is a remarkable organ with a natural ability to heal itself. However, as time goes, its capacity for self-renewal diminishes gradually. The inevitable signs of aging start to manifest, giving rise to wrinkles, sagging, and pigmentation.

People often explore an array of solutions, from home remedies to professional medical and cosmetic interventions, in pursuit of a healthy skin. Any conversation about brighter, more radiant skin would be incomplete without talking about glutathione. Often hailed as the ‘Mother of all antioxidants,’ glutathione is a antioxidant present in every cell of your body. It helps in enhancing your overall skin health, helping you achieve the healthy, radiant skin you desire.

Why should you opt for Glutathione treatment at Aanya Skin Clinic?

Radiant skin

Glutathione is known for its benefit of achieving brighter skin. It works by reducing the production of melanin, which is responsible for pigmentation. Plus, it battles against free radicals and harmful substances that trigger melanin formation. By acting as a detoxifier, glutathione rids your skin of toxins and harmful radicals, leading to a brighter and more rejuvenated appearance.

Antioxidant powerhouse

Glutathione is a formidable antioxidant found in every cell of your body. Comprising three types of amino acids, it’s a crucial building block for the proteins your body needs. With antioxidant properties, glutathione provides many benefits for skin health and overall body health.

Wrinkle and blemish reduction

Glutathione injections work wonders on diminishing wrinkles, black spots, and fine lines, breathing new life into your skin. Whether you’re dealing with acne, wrinkles, or crow’s feet, this treatment detoxifies your skin and body, effectively preventing or even reversing these concerns. By neutralizing oxidative stress caused by excessive free radicals, this treatment restores your skin’s youthful appearance.

Ageing reversal

Glutathione brings an array of anti-ageing benefits. Since it is a natural detoxifier, it improves the health of the body's cells to reverse ageing. It guards your skin against oxidative damage that leads to wrinkles and premature ageing. Glutathione treatments enhance the results of skin-bleaching and anti-ageing products, allowing them to penetrate the skin more effectively.

Holistic well-being

Glutathione is a natural substance produced by your body and supplementing it can have an extraordinary impact on your overall health. As your treatment progresses, you’ll gradually notice improvements in your skin tone and quality. Glutathione goes beyond skin brightening; it promotes overall skin health and radiance and well-being.


The liver is a major organ involved in detoxifying the body by processing and eliminating toxins. When the liver functions optimally, it reduces the overall toxin load in the body, which can positively impact the health and appearance of the skin. Glutathione is essential for liver detoxification. But when the body’s glutathione synthesis is reduced, the elimination process of toxins is disrupted and has an overall effect on your skin.

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Treatment process at Aanya Skin Clinic

1. Assessment and consultation

Glutathione treatment begins with a thorough assessment and consultation with your dermatologist. They will evaluate your skin type, skin tone, and other relevant factors to determine the ideal dosage.

2. Dosage determination

Based on the assessment, we will determine the appropriate dosage of glutathione for your specific needs. This dosage is often adjusted according to your body weight and skin condition.

3. Procedure

Once the dosage is determined, the actual treatment involves receiving glutathione injections. The procedure is similar to getting a vaccine shot and is relatively quick and simple.

4. Recovery and follow-up

After the injection, you can typically resume your regular activities without any significant downtime. Our dermatologist may recommend follow-up sessions as needed to achieve and maintain your desired results for your skin.

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I have visited Aanya Skin Clinic twice and every time its a breath of fresh air. Unlike any other clinics, this clinic displays a fresh decor which is simplistic and modern. Hence it provides a very welcoming environment. Besides that the service is timely and prompt therefore I would highly recommend this place to anyone. DR.CHANDAN is exceptionally good, and he is best in practice.


Visited For Acne / Pimples Treatment I recommend the doctor Happy with: Treatment satisfaction I have been there for skin treatment...the treatment works on me very well and happy about the staffs.. Well maintained clinic and awsm ambiance..Dr. Chandan is very friendly,polite and will explain detaily about the procedure..very safe..treatment is worth..

Kesavan Sellakkannu

To day I consulted Dr Chandan MD, for skin problem on the back of my left foot. He is an effeciant dermatologist &service oriented Dr. In my experience, many drs never use to talk with the patient. But he is not that type of Dr. He gave me a clear picture of my problem with his own smiling face &prescribed medicine for the same .I like him very much.

Restore your body’s natural defense and reclaim your radiance with Glutathione treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Glutathione is given as IV and it is not painful. However, the level of discomfort can vary from person to person. You might experience slight discomfort or a little pain, but it typically fades within a few minutes.

Absolutely! There’s no downtime with Glutathione treatment. You can go back to your regular activities immediately after the treatment, and you won’t need any specific post treatment routine.

Yes, the procedure is safe, and our expert team is made up of qualified professionals. We will make a thorough assessment before undergoing the procedure to ensure it’s suitable for you.

Glutathione injections are often recommended for individuals looking to improve skin tone, fight oxidative stress, and boost their overall health.

The number of sessions required varies depending on individual goals and needs. We will create a personalized plan to help you achieve the maximum benefits from Glutathione treatment.

Visible results can vary from person to person, but many individuals start noticing improvements in their skin tone and overall well-being after a few sessions. Patience is key, and consistent treatment can lead to the best results.