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“Have you heard of Alpha Lipoic Acid or ALA? Does the name sound alien to you? Yes, right! But what if we told you that this ‘alien’ has revolutionized the skincare industry and is here to work wonders for you? Alpha Lipoic Acid, also known as ALA or thioctic acid, is a topical medication that offers numerous benefits for the skin. See, numerous! Isn’t it great? The benefits include skin lightening, anti-aging, brightening, and various other skincare treatments.

This antioxidant, much more powerful than vitamin C, is found in foods like broccoli and spinach, showcasing its potential for enhancing skin health. Imagine a treatment based on this for your skin! All your worries will fade away.

Why should you opt for ALA treatment at Aanya Skin Clinic?

At Aanya Skin Clinic, we’ve got your skin’s back – literally! Experience the benefits of ALA treatment for yourself, because your skin deserves nothing but the best..

Effective treatment for skin issues

ALA treatment is your go-to for addressing skin conditions, especially actinic keratoses triggered by sun exposure. It’s targeted at many major skin conditions and makes your skin glow.

Ideal for tropical environments

ALA treatment can be beneficial if you live in a tropical country like India. Tropical countries face more sun heat and are likely to develop actinic keratoses. This treatment is tailor-made to work wonders for those and works the magic on them.

Lesser downtime

There is no downtime for the treatment. After a brief recovery of about a week, you can return to your routine. You don't need to put life on hold; the treatment perfectly fits into your schedule.

Simple and quick

It is a simple, non-invasive, and quick treatment. In just one day, you’ll be in and out, with aftercare instructions. It’s a breeze, ensuring you spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your refreshed skin.

Improves skin texture and tone

ALA photodynamic therapy isn’t just about treating issues; Your skin gets a whole makeover. It improves the skin texture and tone evenly, making it smoother and more radiant.

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Treatment process at Aanya Skin Clinic

1. Consultation

Our expert will give your skin a thorough check-up during your consultation, diagnosing the actinic keratoses or any other skin troubles. We’ll ensure that the treatment is the perfect fit for you and your skin.

2. Preparation

We’ll gear you with special goggles to shield your eyes from damage from the treatment light. We’ll properly guide you through the entire process of the treatment and keep you informed.

3.Two steps to skin rejuvenation

The treatment happens in two stages. In stage one, our specialist applies the Alpha Lipoic Acid through an IV. Stage two we use in the blue light to activate the acid. Some might feel a tad discomfort, but it gets over soon and completely manageable.

4. Post-treatment

After the treatment, you might experience normal redness or discomfort. You’ll be asked to avoid sun exposure for 2 days since it can cause reactions. If anything feels off, our experts are just a consultation away

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I have visited Aanya Skin Clinic twice and every time its a breath of fresh air. Unlike any other clinics, this clinic displays a fresh decor which is simplistic and modern. Hence it provides a very welcoming environment. Besides that the service is timely and prompt therefore I would highly recommend this place to anyone. DR.CHANDAN is exceptionally good, and he is best in practice.


Visited For Acne / Pimples Treatment I recommend the doctor Happy with: Treatment satisfaction I have been there for skin treatment...the treatment works on me very well and happy about the staffs.. Well maintained clinic and awsm ambiance..Dr. Chandan is very friendly,polite and will explain detaily about the procedure..very safe..treatment is worth..

Kesavan Sellakkannu

To day I consulted Dr Chandan MD, for skin problem on the back of my left foot. He is an effeciant dermatologist &service oriented Dr. In my experience, many drs never use to talk with the patient. But he is not that type of Dr. He gave me a clear picture of my problem with his own smiling face &prescribed medicine for the same .I like him very much.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ALA stands for Alpha Lipoic Acid, when paired with blue light, works wonders for treating skin conditions like actinic keratosis. 

Absolutely! ALA treatment is safe, especially when performed by our experienced specialists at Aanya Skin Clinic.  

Not quite. ALA treatment involves Alpha Lipoic Acid and blue light, not lasers. It’s a unique process tailored to treat specific skin conditions without the use of lasers. 

You can expect minor redness or discomfort post-treatment, like a temporary sunburn. Other than mild side effects which goes off in a few days, the treatment doesn’t cause any major effects. 

Avoid sunlight and bright indoor light for 40 hours after ALA treatment. Expect a mild, sunburn-like reaction in the next 2 to 4 days. To be on the safe side, steer clear of sunlight for the first 48 hours after your treatment. 

Absolutely! ALA treatment is crafted to be gentle, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Our specialists consider your skin’s unique needs, ensuring a comfortable experience.