Scar Correction

Scar Correction


Generally people are very conscious of visible scars. This is because unsightly scars can impact and tarnish a person’s beauty to a great extent. However, scars are inevitable consequences of surgeries or injuries. Most scars are permanent and cannot be removed completely. However, scar revision technique can help to drastically reduce its size and appearance, making it less obvious.   The color of the skin, age and the type of scarring determines the outcome of the scar revision surgery.

What type of scars can benefit from scar revision?

  1. Depressed or more obvious scars
  2. Scars that are widened, overstretched and thick
  3. A keloid scar that is tough, itchy and progressively enlarges
  4. Scars that can disfigure other facial features and restrict movement of muscles and joints

Treatment for scars
Although the scars cannot be removed completely, it can be made less noticeable.

  1. Steroid injections are used for the treatment of scars that stick out. 
  2. Surgical scar revision is undertaken to reposition or reduce the size of the scar.
  3. Laser therapy can potentially reduce the redness in a scar
  4. Pressure dressings made of stretchy, elastic material can flatten or soften the scar

Unforeseen accidents and injuries may leave behind unpleasant scars. If you are bothered with an ugly scar opt for a scar revision surgery to improve the appearance of the scar and make it less obvious. Scar revision technique helps you to unwrap a new, more confident YOU. 

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