Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal


Tattoos are a new craze that has taken the world by a storm. The tattoo trend is fast catching up and many youngsters are hitting the parlor to get inked. Having a tattoo removed allows you to get a new tattoo inked on your skin. Laser tattoo removal is a relatively advanced technique that removes your tattoo with minimal scarring. A special laser called Q-switched laser provides outstanding results to significantly lighten most tattoo inks.

The Procedure

A local anesthetic cream is applied over the tattooed skin before the treatment. This procedure involves targeting the tattoo design with an intense beam of light that absorbs and breaks down the pigment color without damaging the surrounding tissues. The microscopic pieces are then removed by the body’s immune system over a period of few weeks. Usually it may require several treatments before they are light enough for successful cover up.

The Symptoms

You may need a Laser tattoo removal if

  • You have a fair skin with a dark, but not dense tattoo
  • You have an unwanted tattoo that makes you feel embarrassed, self-conscious, or limits your ability to wear certain clothing
  • You feel your tattoo no longer reflects your lifestyle or personal taste
  • You feel the witty statement on your skin is funny or irrelevant to the present times
The Eligibility

You are eligible for tattoo removal if

  • You do not suffer from major skin allergies
  • You are not under any current medications
  • Your tattoo has not responded well to other treatments or home remedies, provided the previous treatments have not resulted in excessive scarring
  • You are a healthy individual with a strong immune system
  • You are well-informed and have realistic expectations of the outcome of the procedure
  • You have the willingness to commit a substantial amount of time to the process
  • You do not have fluorescent colors in the tattoo
The Risks Involved

Risks may include infection, bleeding, blistering, scabbing, swelling, pain, scarring, drug reactions, patchy residual pigment or change in skin texture.

The Impact

One Laser tattoo removal treatment may not visibly show results. You may need several treatments spaced six weeks apart to achieve the desired result. Most people are satisfied with the pigment removal achieved through laser treatment.

Getting your body art inked can be an exciting experience. If you want to remove it and go for a new design do not fret, there is an option for removing it. Yes, if you are you bored with your tattoo and wish you hadn't made such a lasting mark on your body go for a Laser tattoo removal. Removing your tattoo is as simple as changing your mind. It can be easily 'lasered off'. 

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