Laser Wart and Mole Removal

Laser Wart and Mole Removal


Warts and moles are common skin lesions that grow naturally. Although they are generally non-cancerous, they can be embarrassing if located in a visible part of your body. If you’re looking to clear your skin of unpleasant warts or moles, Laser is the way to go. Laser treatment makes sure that you go home with a healthy and clear skin devoid of moles and warts. Look more attractive and feel less self-conscious with Laser mole and wart removal.

The Procedure

The lasers are precise and simply vaporize the troublesome warts or unsightly moles within seconds, leaving the inner healthy layers and adjacent skin unscathed. It seals off the blood vessels as it vaporizes the lesion. Hence, there is no bleeding and no suturing is required. Lasers ensure quick healing and good cosmetic results.

The Symptoms

You may need a Laser wart and mole removal procedure if you have bothersome skin growths like

  • Small superficial moles, coffee-cream birthmarks or skin tags, that is flat and newly developed
  • Disfiguring and embarrassing warts on your fingers, finger nails, face, feet hands, elbows and knees
The Eligibility

You are eligible for a Laser wart and mole removal if you are

  • Wishing to improve your appearance by removal of moles or warts that have been cleared of potential pre-cancerous lesions by your General Practitioner
  • Wishing to reduce irritation and discomfort from a mole or wart that rubs against clothes or gets in the way of shaving
  • Looking to achieve a smoother, clearer skin
  • Having an understanding that this procedure is meant for improvement and not for perfection
The Risks Involved

There is a slight risk of infection, pain, swelling, redness, tenderness or sensitivity to sun. Blisters may occur occasionally.

The Impact

Laser wart and mole removal is permanent. Once it is removed it is very rare for the wart or mole to reappear in the same spot. Since warts are caused by virus there is a possibility that they can occur in the other areas of the skin. If so, these can be removed with laser the same way the other warts were removed. Laser wart and mole removal not only helps in achieving a smoother, clearer skin but also enhances your appearance and self-esteem.

Moles and warts are not life-threatening conditions but they can definitely undermine your confidence. A blemish-free, perfect skin is every woman’s dream. A single mole or wart can even mess up your peace of mind, making you extremely embarrassed about how you look or how others perceive you. With a Laser mole and wart removal treatment, you can now flaunt a flawless and glowing skin that draws attention. 

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